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Nutrients & Fertilizer

Even the best soil could use a little topping off with nutrients and fertilizers. We carry a great selection of premium nutrients to help you increase bloom, build complex, robust terpene profiles, and let your strains really shine.

Available Soil Products at Retail


Good soil is essential for growing quality cannabis. Using high-grade soil makes you less dependent on additional fertilizers, and helps ensure a quality start for your plants and seeds. Stop by to check out our wide range of soils, from all natural to organic, from the West Coast produced to right here in Vermont. Get your grow started right.

Grow Tents

Grow tents are a necessity for growing photoperiodic cannabis (plants that need uninterrupted darkness to flower). Our wide selection of tents are made from highly efficient reflective material and are perfectly suited for use with our array of environmental controls. Protect your plants from pests and from light leaks!

Collection of lit grow tents


Lighting is perhaps the biggest factor for high quality, frosty buds. We carry a wide array of lighting, bulbs, and ballasts, including LED, HID, and CFL.

Environment Controls

Controlling your grow environment is crucial for successful indoor farming. We have everything you need to monitor and dial in your setup, from humidity and temperature controllers, to fans, light timers, and more.

Pots and Containers available at retail

Pots & Containers

Your plants need a worthy home and we have them in all shapes and sizes: traditional planters and containers, dirt pots, air pots. Get your grow going right in pots specially designed to prevent root-bound plants.

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