We have faith in our community’s fortitude. Resilience and resourcefulness are gifts we learn from cultivation.

-Team Green State




At Green State Gardener, we empower our customers to grow, process and use their own cannabis- by providing the best tools, materials, kits, classes and expert advice. Located in the heart of Burlington’s arts district, Green State Gardener is your local neighborhood grow store. Whether you’re getting an early start to the outdoor grow season, looking to grow plants indoors for the first time, or a seasoned grower looking to step up your operation, we’re here to help!




Don’t miss our end-of-season Garage Sale, Friday Sept. 18th - Sunday Sept. 20th!

Take 30-75% off NEW, discontinued and open box items. Grow supplies like tents, nutrients, and accessories and more.

Check out the FIRST-EVER Factory Seconds CBD Sale from Upstate Elevator Supply, with 60% off old label products!

Plus, limited edition CBD gelato sandwiches from @shyguygelato, and free CBD beverages!

The Sale will be held in the warehouse adjacent the retail store. If there are no Green State spaces available we request that you park across the street at the Maltex Building. Masks will be required, social distancing will be observed, and everyone will get a great deal.

See you there!

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Its WEEK 10 of the GIVEAWAY series! This week is all about connecting to the Cannabis Community with a membership to @headyvermont + Swag Bag!⁠

👉 Enter to win on our website!⁠

Enter this week's giveaway to become a member with Heady Vermont, the state's community and digital platform dedicated to growing cannabis culture and policy reform. There has never been a better time to be a grower and an advocate—get involved in the conversation, celebrate the wins, support the cannabis economy, and enjoy the ride with like-minded individuals & businesses.⁠

As a member, you will have access to:⁠

✔️ Retailer & product discounts throughout Vermont and New England⁠

✔️ Discounted tickets & access to The Headies Growers Cup, Vermont Hemp Fest, Women in Cannabis Summit, partner events and more⁠

✔️ Free seeds during the annual 4/20 Free Seed Giveaway ⁠

✔️ Members-only events ⁠

Enter to win this prize by visiting our website and completing the entry form.⁠

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🥁 Drumroll please... Introducing:⁠
GSG Full Spectrum Hemp 50mg Capsules!! $49.99/ 30ct⁠

❗ We're excited to announce the release of our very own Full Spectrum 50mg Hemp Capsules, available in-store and NOW online!! Link in bio.⁠

To help you 🌱Grow Your Own Health Revolution🌱 has always our goal, but sometimes cultivating your own and accessing the powerful benefits is easier said than done. So we’re taking the leg work out, bypassing the middleman, and bringing super high quality hemp capsules to you at farm-direct pricing. If we can’t help you grow it, our goal is to help you get it.⁠

These 50mg lipid extract hemp capsules are simple, potent, and made from 100% organically farmed medicinal hemp. They are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.⁠

While many market available hemp extract capsules contain only isolated or synthetic cannabinoids in a carrier oil, our full spectrum formulations contain over 80 naturally occurring cannabinoids and hundreds of other plant constituents for maximum entourage effect.⁠

- Organically Grown⁠
- Pesticide Free⁠
- Non-GMO⁠
- Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract⁠

Serving Size: 1 capsule, each capsule contains 50mg cannabinoids.⁠

Bottle Contents: 30 capsules (1,500mg) per bottle;⁠

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Lipid Extracted Hemp Extract, Vegetarian Capsules⁠

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Hope you all have a wonderful #LaborDay! See you on the other side of summer. 😎 ...

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💥🔥Now Available ONLINE... GSG Premium Indoor Hemp Flower!🔥💥 (Link in Bio. While supplies last.)⁠

🍍🌲🌶️ GSG Haze #1 Premium CBD Indoor Hemp Flower.⁠
Our favorite pheno of Hawaiian Haze CBD, this flower delivers delightful daytime relief, with the perfect balance of uplifting creativity from the Hawaiian Haze terpenes and potent levels of relaxing CBD. Tropical fruit, crisp conifer forests and spicy black pepper dominate the aroma profile. ⁠

Containing 13% CBD and 16% total cannabinoids, CBG and other supporting cannabinoids play an important role in the well-rounded effects this flower provides. Green State Premium Indoor Flower is grown organically in Burlington, Vermont. ⁠

❗ Product Shipping Disclaimer: We are currently only able to ship this product to the following states: VT, CT, NY, ME, NJ, and FL. We ARE working on an indoor pre-roll blend that will be shipped to all 50 states. Stay tuned!⁠

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Check out our NEW Indoor Hemp Pre-Roll 6-Packs!⁠ ⁠
Featuring a blend of high cannabinoid, organically grown hemp flower grown.⁠

✅ 1:1 ratio of CBD:CBG⁠
✅ Grown organically⁠ indoors⁠
✅ Packed with a Boveda Slim for freshness⁠
✅ 0.6g/ pre-roll⁠
✅ Less than 0.3% Total THC⁠

$35 /6-pack. Available now in-store, coming soon to the website!⁠

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Its WEEK 8 of the GIVEAWAY series! This week is an In-Store signup, and it's 4-part fertilizer & amendment line from BIOCANNA!⁠

👉 Enter in-person at the retail store.⁠

BIOCANNA remains our favorite liquid organic fertilizer line, and for good reason. Beyond the sound science behind their unique fermentation process, in practice, we see bigger terpene profiles and tastier bud when we use this line.⁠

BIOCANNA nutrients are vegetable-based and do not contain any animal residual product. The main advantage of this is that the fertilizer's composition is much better tuned to the plant's needs. The substances in these products are immediately absorbable, and encourage essential plant processes and overall plant health. In addition, they improve the soil quality and the biodiversity. ⁠

Included in the Prize Pack:⁠

🍀 Bio Vega, rich in readily available betaine nitrogen & 17 amino acids⁠
🍀 Bio Flores, with hop extracts for extra flowering strength ⁠
🍀 Bio Boost, a yield increasing tonic to stimulate metabolism & fructification ⁠
🍀 Bio Rhizotonic, 100% organic root stimulator & growth invigorator⁠

Enter to win this Prize Pack in-person at the retail store. ⁠

Good luck! ⁠

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Its WEEK 7 of the GIVEAWAY series! this week is all about a grower's black gold: Worm Castings!! Enter to win 4 Quarts of High Potency Worm Castings from @blackdirtfarm and fresh swag from #NexLight.⁠

👉 Enter to win on our website, link in bio!⁠

OG growers know that top quality worm castings are worth their weight in gold. This week, enter to win 4 QUARTS of High Potency Worm Castings from Black Dirt Farm and sweet swag from NextLight. Enter to win on our Website!⁠

🏆(2 bags) High Potency Worm Castings, 2 quarts each.⁠
🏆Fresh swag from NextLight⁠

High Potency Worm Castings are a unique soil amendment made by the Red Wiggler worm. Their robust biology boosts plant-available fertility and activates soil life, increasing plant health and resilience, producing stronger plants and higher yields. Worm castings build soil structure, improve aeration, moisture retention, suppress disease, and foster a complex web of microbial life to build vibrant soil.⁠

Enter to win this prize by visiting our website and completing the entry form.⁠

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