Who We Are

Vermonters pride themselves on their self-reliance and community—we do too. We believe in promoting connection and well-being in our state, which is why we started Green State Gardener: to create a one-stop location that empowers our customers to grow, process and use their own plant-based medicines, by providing the best tools, materials, kits, and expert advice.

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We aren’t just your cannabis experts; we’re your grow experts.

Green State Gardener is here to help with all your grow needs. Whether you’re growing cannabis or other medicinal plants, or getting an early jump on the outdoor season, we have the knowledge and products to get you growing right!

Don’t forget to check out our online Learning Center to read all about cannabis plant care. We have a ton of resources available for you, from beginner tips to advanced techniques!

Stop on by for expert help and guidance, or check out our in-store inventory.