Why organic is the answer

Soil is where the action is.

There are more living organisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on earth. The billions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes in the soil are the food-service and health-care providers for your plants, breaking down nutrients and warding off diseases. Grow your plants in healthy soil and they are sure to thrive naturally.

Science says.

In field studies, organic crops are as productive as those that are grown with chemicals. In the lab, researchers have found organic crops are higher in nutrients, essential oils, and other health-boosting compounds. Conclusion: you get a bigger and better harvest the organic way.

No-kill zone.

Even the least toxic chemical pesticides take out insects that do no damage to your garden and harm birds, fish, and amphibians. They’re a threat to people and pets, too. Synthetic fertilizers are high in salts that dehydrate the beneficial microbes in the soil. Organic gardeners invite the whole food chain to get busy and work with nature to find its balance.

Wildlife host.

Every garden, even a few potted plants on a balcony, can be an important resource for many species, especially in highly developed areas where habitat and food are scarce. You can’t save the whales all by yourself, but you can provide a safe haven for endangered pollinators by passing on the garden chemicals.

Slow climate change.

Healthy soil actively draws excess carbon out of the atmosphere and holds it there safely. Raising an organic garden measurably reduces your carbon footprint and helps you do your part in the fight against global warming.

Peak satisfaction.

The most critical act of organic gardening is observation. When you see a problem, you can react with gentle, minimally invasive solutions. Even more valuable, you become attuned to the ecosystem outside your door and feel the deep satisfaction that comes from engaging with it. You can’t get that from following the schedule printed on a pesticide label.

Success is certain.

Organic methods work best because they help you collaborate with nature rather than fighting against it. With handy kits and supplies from Green State Gardener, you have all the tools you need to succeed. The result: You harvest the most robust medicinal plants and you use them with the confidence that they are as pure as can be.

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