What do we think of hydroponics?

Honestly, not Much.

Hydroponics, the science of growing plants in a mineral nutrient solution (i.e. souped-up water that can require chemistry credentials), gets a lot of attention in growing circles, but we vastly prefer to sow our homegrown health revolution the natural way. And that means harnessing the mysteries and benefits of soil.

Organic Soil is a living, biologically active medium that no synthetic technology can match. Packed with life-giving bacteria and fungi, there are more organisms in a single teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on Earth. This immense microbial community performs countless vital functions for our favorite herbal essentials from food service to health care. With soil on their side, we find plants not only are heartier but have full access to everything they need—from major minerals to minor micronutrients—to achieve their maximum entourage affect and medicinal potency.

This is magic of soil. When our plants grow up with it, they need much less intervention and far fewer additives. That means much less work and far fewer grey hairs for you. It’s all about working with nature rather than against it. At the end of the growing day, alive soil is simple. Simple is best. And best is better for everyone.

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