The Dabbler 2x2 Complete Beginner's Organic Grow Kit

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Indoor Medicinal Plant Kits
2' x 2'
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The Dabbler Kit Includes:

  • 2'x2' Tent
  • Light and Reflector
  • Detailed Growing Instructions
  • VT Organic Soil
  • Carbon Filter
  • Seed-Starting Kit & Soil
  • Fabric Smart Pots
  • All Essentials: Inline Fan & Speed Controller, 4" Ducting, Aluminum Tape, Power Strip Timer, Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, BioBloom Fertilizer, Web Netting, & Clip Fan


Ideal for both budding beginners and experienced growers with no space to spare, our right-sized grow kits yield a harvest of herbal healing without taking over house and home or sacrificing success for convenience. 

Every component here has been hand-picked and chosen for its ability to deliver pro-level performance without requiring room you don’t have, time you can’t spend, or cash you can’t spare. It would take several growing seasons to pull together a kit like this on your own, and some components are simply not available everywhere. Instead, we’ve done the homework so you can focus on the farming—all for a price well below what these systems would cost to assemble yourself. 

Think of your kit as a novice grower’s dream come true: The all-organic indoor cultivation method that’s quick to set up, simple to use, and so foolproof we literally guarantee you’ll successfully grow your own green.

Your 2x2 kit comes with absolutely everything you need to take 2 high-value plants to successful maturity. All you supply are the seeds. Here’s what’s in the box:


  • The GSG Tent.

Our custom-spec blackout tents combine extra-thick, rugged, light-tight mylar® we selected for its superior reflectivity with pro-grade galvanized poles and reinforced connectors. With floor liner, cord ports, and vent windows, they erect in minutes so you can get growing.


  • Mini-Sunburst Reflector.

This 150W plug-n-play lamp is our favorite lightweight, low-noise illumination solution. The most user-friendly lighting we tested, an all-in-one light source without any assembly or maintenance headaches. 


  • GSG Seed-Starting Kit.

No growing pains here. Our self-watering system takes the guesswork out of sprouting. Delicate seedlings get only the water they need only when they need it to grow up big and strong every time. Just keep the reservoir full and it does the rest. With 12 cells, a humidity cover, and leak-proof construction, it’s dishwasher-safe for a lifetime of reuse. (Note: the reusable capillary mat is handwash-only!)


  • GSG Organic Seed-Starter Mix.

Created with our partners at the Vermont Compost Company, New England’s top organic compost and potting soil maker. Our field-tested custom blend of peat, perlite, compost, protein meal, and minerals has been shown to boost growth rates, strengthen root systems, and produce much sturdier transplants.


  • GSG Smart Pots.

Your growing pot is serious business in more ways than one. It’s the key to bounty. We make ours from breathable fabric in order to expose root tips to air and aggressively promote vital feeder roots. Heavy-gauge material with reinforced stitching literally stands up to crop after crop, and we also include 1-gallon transplanters whose clever overlapping wrap design makes it easy to move your plant to bigger quarters.


  • GSG’s Detailed Growing Instructions.

You’re not just getting our all needed components, you’re getting all our know-how, too—a complete set of fully-baked how-to instructions distilled from long experience and the wisdom of our fellow green thumbs at Vermont’s top herbal outlets. Consider it your exclusive prescription for a full harvest bowl packed with health and happiness.


  • GSG Organic Container Mix.

Our proprietary, all-natural growing medium is the real thing—living soil formulated specifically to fatten up your prized flowering annuals. It contains what we’ve discovered to be the golden ratio of rich compost for slow-release nutrition, peat for water retention, and vermiculite for aeration plus a few secret ingredients added over decades of grower testing. No pH adjustment or chemicals needed; all-organic is better!


  • The Remaining Essentials.

To make sure success is delivered, each kit also includes:

  • Inline Fan & Speed Controller.

We went with a slightly oversized duct fan and controller that can go from whisper to gale to provide whatever fresh airflow makes your plants happier.

  • 4" Ducting.

For optimal atmosphere control in your tent.

  • Aluminum Tape.

Our ducting comes with clamps, but we think this 2-mil tape is much easier to use.

  • Strip Timer.

We found life is a lot simpler with a single timer/strip unit. Ours has four timed and four constant outlets so you can be master of your electrical domain.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer.

Monitor the temperature inside and outside your tent to get the absolute highest yields. 

  • BioBloom Fertilizer.

This is the one whose test results impressed us the most. A complete OMRI-certified, 100% organic, low-odor formula that gives your greenery the biggest measurable boost in flower size. When used with our exclusive organic container mix, this is the only nutritional fuel you’ll need to ensure an abundant crop. 

  • Web Netting.

Facilitate maximum light exposure and keep your plants in the upright position for optimum health.

  • Clip Fan.

Keep the air moving inside your tent to increase stem strength and encourage healthy transpiration.

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