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  • Explore the medicinal plant compendium
    Medicinal Plant Compendium
    Explore a grid of the most popular medicinal plants used as herbal medicine. These plants have been shown to have their own unique beneficial effects on long-term health and wellness.Read More
  • survey-2-tile.png
    New Survey: Americans increasingly wants to grow their own
    A new Green State Gardener survey suggests millions of Americans would grow marijuana at home – if it was legal. An estimated 44.5 million adults would ‘grow your own’ for personal use if growing cannabis was legalized– gardeners and non-gardeners alike–up from 10% to 18% in one year.Read More
  • Organic compost from start to finish
    Why Organic?
    Why organic growing is the answer: the benefits from a partnership with nature.Read More
  • Health revolutionary
    9 reasons to grow your own 
    Discover the benefits of producing and using your own medicinal plants, both as individuals and as part of the "personal medicine" health revolution.Read More
  • fertilizer-learn-page.jpg
    How to choose a fertilizer
    Fertilizer basics: well-fed plants are healthier, produce more, and are more beautiful to look at.Read More
  • Learn about plants that help tamp down stress and anxiety
    Plants for stress and anxiety
    Your garden can offer effective treatment for stress and anxiety. For thousands of years we have prevented and treated everyday ailments with plants anyone can grow.Read More
  • A newly sprouted seedling, from this guide
    Seed starting 101
    A complete guide to starting seeds: from seed to sprout. Why should you start your owns seeds when transplants are available from many garden centers?Read More
  • HPS vs. LED: which is better?
    HPS or LED
    Few things in life are certain, but this we can say for sure: The budding herbal marvels you grow indoors need a lot of light to make their magic bloom.Read More
  • Hydroponic grow setup
    What we think of hydroponics
    Organic Soil is a living, biologically active medium that no synthetic technology can match. Packed with life-giving bacteria and fungi, there are more organisms in a single teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on Earth.Read More
  • household-pests.jpg
    Common houseplant pests and diseases
    How to keep indoor plants healthy and pest-free. Here are some suggestions to help you have a green thumb indoors as well as out!Read More
  • Controlling Rabbits.jpg
    Controlling Rabbits
    A garden plundered by rabbits can lead to nightmares. Here’s some tips and strategies for keeping your garden safe from these fuzzy interlopersRead More
  • Growing succulents in containers
    Growing succulents in containers
    Hey you know what succulents are? Well sure you do. They’re fleshy plants. So do you want to know how to grow them? Well look no further.Read More
  • grow-asparagus-like-a-pro.jpg
    Grow asparagus like a pro
    Before mastering the art of the asparagus mustache, you must first learn how how to grow them.Read More
  • mulch.jpg
    Choosing The Mulch For All Vegetable Gardens 
    Learn all you need to know about mulching your vegetable garden. OK maybe not everything, but definitely a fair amount.Read More
  • Electronic ballast modern 400w
    Magnetic vs. electronic ballasts
    What is a ballast and why do I need one? High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide grow bulbs use one of two kinds of ballasts to regulate their power supply: electronic and magnetic. Here’s what to know...Read More