In the fast-paced, chaotic world we live in today, it has become a reality that not everybody has all the free time in the world to dedicate to their indoor garden. So what can you do about it? Don't let your indoor gardening equipment collect dust – drop the grow pot and try a hydroponics irrigation system!

Hydroponic gardening uses a continual feed system for all of your plants’ water, nutrient, and lighting needs. This allows for a consistently high yield, and a predictable result in your grow operation. These systems are easy to use, highly adaptable, and very customizable to fit the needs of your specific grow needs.

We specialize in hydroponics hardware and supply everything you need to start your own hydroponics irrigation system. From starter indoor grow kits for beginners to accessories like hydroponics water pumps, pots and trays, Green State Gardener has you covered!

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