Grow Light Ballasts

Sufficient lighting is the most important element in indoor gardening. Adding grow lights to your grow room or greenhouse is an excellent option if you don’t get many hours of daylight. Choosing which lighting system is best for your indoor garden is tough, but let Green State Gardener help you make a smart decision.

Many indoor growers find that fluorescent is the ideal lighting for indoor and organic gardening. It’s not only energy-efficient; it’s also inexpensive and, if installed with a grow light ballast, can provide adequate light that could last up to 20,000 hours. It also produces very low heat, so there won’t be any need to put up cooling fans.

If you’re sowing seeds in the winter for a bountiful spring harvest, light ballasts will make sure your fluorescent lamps operate efficiently and produce steady light output; what seeds require in order to germinate and produce high yields.

Shop our line of the best grow light ballasts in the market today. We have ballasts for all types and sizes of fluorescent grow lights from the leading brands, including Hydryofarm, Phantom, Xtrasyn, LGT Comp, and more.

To make sure you choose the right ballast for your indoor garden, we have varying types for your specific needs:

Each and every ballast in our collection has been engineered to withstand the lighting and warming demands of practically any indoor gardening environment, including hydroponic systems. Whether you’re planting herbs, leafy vegetables, fruits, tubers, or flowers, you’ll find the right ballast for lighting needs.

If you’re keen on improving the productivity of your indoor garden, a grow light ballast is a great investment. It’ll make it simple for you to get your seeds going, to cultivate a variety of crops and herbs, and to maximize your yield indoors throughout the year.

Browse through our collection today. If you’re unsure about which ballast is right for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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