Pumps & Air Stones

Irrigation Fittings for Your Hydroponic System

Green State Gardener offers an extensive selection of drip irrigation fittings and equipment to let you customize your hydroponic irrigation system as you please. The collection includes air stones, tubing, air and water pumps, compressors, pump bags, and a few handy tools you’ll need to set up your system.

We carry some of the leading innovators in hydroponic farming, including Botanicare, Hydrofarm, Hydro-Logic, and Active Aqua. Whether you’re creating your own hydroponics system or replacing worn out parts, you’ll find everything you need in our catalog.

Our tubing, pumps, and fittings are suitable for indoor and outdoor growing and all types of techniques, be it wick, drip, deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film technique (NFT), aeroponics, and ebb and flow.

If you want to build your own system or use a variation of these techniques, you’ve come to the right store. Our search filter options lets you look for specific products you need to build a custom system pefect for your needs.

But if you’re new to hydroponics and are still in the initial phases of building a system, it’s a good idea to read up on different systems using manuals and educational materials to get you started. The manuals also tell you which system is ideal for your location and how to build it properly.

Customize your hydroponic irrigation system with fittings, air stones, irrigation equipment, and hydroponic kits from Green State Gardener. Or head down to our flagship store at 338 Pine St. and learn from our hydroponics experts.

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