In-Store Inventory

A Full Line of Hemp-derived CBD Products  

We carry a full line of CBD products with a heavy focus on our house brand, Upstate Elevator Supply Co. With a wide variety of options from topical salves to full spectrum capsules, we carefully curate our selection to offer the highest quality items for any budget. We thoroughly vet and personally test every product we carry for efficacy and practicality. 

Our CBD category covers all the major delivery methods, including:

  • Ingestible (capsules, edibles) 
  • Sublingual (oils, tinctures, gum)
  • Topical (salves, lotions)
  • Inhaled (hemp flower, vape cartridges)
  • Transdermal (patches, bath soaks)
  • Beverages (seltzer, soda, water)
  • Suppository (!)

Each delivery method has a different onset and duration period, and ailments are best treated with the appropriate method.

Education & Free Consultations

At Green State Gardener it is our goal to ensure that every customer understands the benefits and risks of using CBD, knows how to evaluate a product, and leaves confident that they have selected the best item for their needs. 

Our staff will be happy to explain how CBD works, why it may be useful and recommend the most effective product for any ailment. 

We also offer free one-on-one consultation with our Director of Education today to discover how hemp can help you.


Premium Hemp Flower

At Green Sate Gardener we grow premium, indoor hemp flower using organic methods. We select high-CBD hemp strains with big terpene profiles, which produce beautiful, resin-covered buds perfect for smoking or vaping. 

The indoor flower is currently available in-store only. 

Stop by the store in Burlington, VT to see our indoor grow in action and purchase our premium hemp flower! 



Green State Gardener is proud to be the home of the Upstate Elevator Supply Factory Store in Burlington. Stop by to test new Upstate products, grab free samples, and extra discounts.

Upstate’s product line is born out of a deep-rooted passion for innovation and precision. Industry-leading potency and purity are the hallmarks of our formulations, with an increasing focus on the power of minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBDA, and THC.

USDA organically certified hemp from our home state of Vermont is meticulously processed through a range of extraction methods to preserve the full spectrum of constituents in the most beneficial combinations, specific to the products they’re intended for. We make stripped clean, pure cannabinoids, elevated to their purest forms, and we have them third-party tested so you know what you’re getting is a cut above.