Green State Gardener 3x3x7 Tent

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Your grow tent isn’t just a portable closet into which you stash a few seedlings and hope for the best. It’s your crop’s habitat, and that makes it one of the most critical links in your private medicinal plant supply chain. 

Our Green State Gardener custom-spec pro grade premium quality tents have been designed from the ground-up to supply the perfect environment for your fragrant flowering jewels. It starts with our choice of material—extra-hardy, light-proof 210D Mylar®. We've selected the best equipment possible for its unbeatable ability to enhance illumination intensity and facilitate the uniform light distribution that results in denser growth. In other words, our tents are the best bang for your buck. Super-strong galvanized poles and reinforced polypropylene connectors create a frame so rock solid it can support over 130 lbs. of grow gear. And we’ve made sure you can assemble it all without an engineering degree and an afternoon lost in your toolbox. Affordable and easy to assemble, what more could you want?

Once it’s up, you’ll find all the dual-sock intake and exhaust ports you need for a fast and simple equipment installation along with plenty of interior straps and hooks that integrate everything with little to no issues. Large light tight zippered doors open gloriously wide for easy access to your horticultural heaven and the washable fabric and removable floor liner keep everything in perfect shape crop after incredible crop. Our tents also feature micro-mesh airflow windows at the bottom for quick venting which are conveniently accessible via velcro flaps.

Whether you choose a 2x2 pup tent or go full-tilt with our 5x5 pharm-sized miracle grower, you’ll immediately see why our tents are paradise for home-grown plantations.


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