Free Cultivation Class

Classes are back in session!

We are welcoming a small number of vaccinated participants to join us for in-person classes during off-hours. We recommend reserving tickets through to secure your spot.

Whether you’re a first-time grower or rediscovering an old hobby, our in-store cultivation classes can help you succeed. GSG classes are taught by a seasoned Grow Coach who will demo the best techniques and products to maximize yield, minimize problems, and ensure the best experience for beginners and experts alike.

GSG has been offering free cultivation classes since 2017, and whether you’re growing for therapeutic or recreational reasons, we are committed to helping you succeed at cannabis cultivation. Join us, and Grow Your Own Health Revolution!!


Sat 9/18 10am – Outdoor Grow: Wrap it Up Right

With a month left until harvest, learn about what to do NOW for the strongest, cleanest, stinkiest flowers–from microbes and finishers to tenting and bud rot prevention. These are the last weeks to encourage bigger yields, take measures to reduce crop loss & ensure a low-stress harvest.

Sat 10/2 10am – Disease Management with Cutting Edge Technology: Terra Vera.

IDM, or Integrated Pest (and disease) Management, is a critical strategy for high yielding, high quality grows. Learn about disease prevention and management for cannabis crops, and the promise of Terra Vera, a pesticide-free technology hitting the cannabis industry.

Sat 10/16 10am – Germination & Propagation.

In this class we’re Popping Seeds and Taking Clones! For cannabis, the first couple weeks set the stage—healthy seedlings are critical for a healthy grow—selecting the strongest stock will allow your plants to achieve their highest genetic potential. If you start with something mediocre, mediocrity is the most you can achieve.

We’ll demonstrate a variety of options for germinating seeds and propagating clones, and talk about how to care for a “mother” plant for future clones. There are many techniques and products out there, we’ll share with you our favorites and explain how to ensure the highest success rates.

Sat 10/30 10am – Growing Indoors: Setup & Supplies.

Starting with the right equipment & supplies, controlling environmental conditions, and preemptive pest control can make all the difference between a stress-free grow and one riddled with problems. Learn about what it takes to create the ideal environment, the true limits to temperature & humidity, selecting the best light for your conditions, how to avoid introducing pests & disease, and more.