9 reasons to grow your own healthcare

1. Healing is everybody’s superpower.

All of us mere mortals rely on our bodies’ innate ability to heal and sustain well-being. We can strengthen those powers with our daily choices on eating and exercising. And we can ward off and treat everyday ailments with plants anyone can grow. This power has gradually been surrendered to profit-driven health-care, but each of us can be the hero that fights back against the corporate and governmental forces that seek to dictate your health for their own ends.

2. Simple gets it done.

Getting rid of a headache, easing nasal congestion, and curing many other complaints can be as easy and soothing as drinking a cup of tea. No need to schedule an appointment, go to the pharmacy, or worry about side-effects. When you use medicinal plants, you feel restored and truly well, so much better than just strangely symptom-less.

3. Science is right, but technology isn’t the cure-all.

The most credible, peer-reviewed laboratory research today continues to prove that the plants people have been using as medicine for generations are very effective cures for common maladies and support robust health. The pharmaceutical industry devotes its resources to synthesizing, engineering, and patenting the components of these plants, so that you can be dependent on its products and your health can be mined as a steady source of revenue. Meanwhile, the science shows that medicinal plants work best in their natural state, minimally processed and with all of their essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds intact and acting in concert.

4. Savings are significant.

Americans annually spend on average about $900 per capita  on prescription drugs and $340 on over-the-counter drugs and make 26 trips to buy them. With homegrown treatments, you invest that money and time in yourself and your home, and earn dividends of both wealth and health. You also make fewer visits to health-care professionals, reducing the co-pays and fees that come out of your pocket.

5. Dirty hands make healthy bodies and minds.

Gardening in the fresh air and sunshine is a basic prescription for protecting your health. Digging, bending, stretching, and lifting work out your whole body, while putting your hands in the soil has been shown to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Even better, research has found that contact with bacteria in soil increases the serotonin in parts of the brain that control cognitive function and mood. Most important, tending plants is therapy for everyone, an antidote to the bustle of modern life and an active form of meditation.

6. Control is yours.

Growing and using medicinal plants gives you the capacity to find what’s best for your body as it changes from season to season. It assures you that you are treating yourself only with the purest of substances. Best of all, homegrown medicines transform you from a mere consumer into a producer, bumping up your self-sufficiency and the deep satisfaction that results from it.

7. The time is ripe.

While multinational corporations try to claim ownership of every component of life and government agencies enact ever-expanding regulations about how you can treat your own health, you can take back your right to trust in nature and the wisdom accumulated over generations. Your act of rebellion against this creeping infiltration into your private life can be nothing more or less than the simple, timeless act of tending a medicinal garden.

8. The invaluable connection.

The progress of technology has made our lives safer and more comfortable in many ways, but in embracing it we may be losing touch with our essential connection to nature. Growing and using medicinal plants focuses our awareness on the weather and changing seasons, the wide variety of creatures (visible and microscopic) with whom we share the world, the cycles that continuously renew life. Treating ourselves with plants reconnects us with these authentic experiences, reinforces reverence for creation, and reminds us that we are not separate from nature, but fully embedded in it.

9. You can’t fail.

The plants you can use to heal yourself are not exotic species that require specialized conditions and constant care. Many are so common you may already be growing them in an herb garden or on a windowsill. Nearly all are exceptionally easy to raise even for people who have no gardening experience. And with handy kits and supplies from Green State Gardener you are practically guaranteed to succeed.  

Separately, each of these reasons is cause enough to grow a garden full of health-giving plants. Together they are like your own health-care declaration of independence, a bold but commonsense commitment to your well-being. Join the revolution and get growing!

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