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3-Tier Plant Starter Light Stand

Step Up to a 3-Tier Grow Light Stand for the Healthiest Seedlings and Happiest Houseplants

If you've tried starting seeds or clones under shop lights, you'll be surprised at how much better they grow in a Plant Starter Light Stand grow light. Not only are the plant lights much brighter than regular fluorescent tubes, they also easily adjust up and down so you can keep them just the right height above the plants. Plus, you don't need to hide this attractive stand in the basement - put it where you can enjoy your plants and brighten your living area with full-spectrum light. These sturdy grow lights are ideal for starting all types of seeds and clones and also provide optimum conditions for flowering houseplants like orchids and hibiscus. If you're new to starting seeds, why not start out right?

Beyond just propagation and vegetating, these lights make a great herb garden in any kitchen or dining area! No longer will fresh herbs be a luxury of the summer, with year round herb gardening made possible through these efficient t5 vegetating and seed starting lights!

The new, ultra-light fixtures weigh just 6 pounds each and have a slimmer profile to give plants more headroom. They measure a full 14" wide to ensure even light coverage across each shelf. Inside, there are two T-5 bulbs that produce an abundance of brilliant, full-spectrum light. These bulbs use 45% less energy than standard fluorescent bulbs and provide up to 10,000 hours of use. All fixtures have their own pull-chains for easy height adjustment and electronic ballasts to eliminate any annoying buzzing.

Dimensions: 51" L x 14-5/8" D x 68-5/8" H


  • Bright, full-spectrum plant lights easily adjust to the proper height for optimal plant growth
  • Three shelves provide 18 square feet of growing space
  • Rugged, powder-coated aluminum frame with quiet, energy-efficient light fixtures


  • Assembly required
  • Each fixture holds 2 full-spectrum T-5 bulbs, included
  • Bulbs last up to 10,000 hours for years of use
  • Each fixture uses just 104 watts
  • Three watertight shelf trays included